Graze your way to a more sustainable planet

What we eat not only affects us, but it affects our world too!

Girl with bowl of food



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Stormy clouds

Clearing the Air with Tim Smedley

Cup of coffee on dark wooden table

A cuppa what now?

Rhino in tall grass

Ever wondered how to safely transport a rhino?

Brick wall

Fancy a house made from plastic bricks?

Contactless payment

‘Just put it on the ocean plastic’

Photo of two trees

Batteries made from trees – what could be greener?!

Man hanging off boat

Ocean waste that floats our boats!

Larger group of cows in a sunny field

Cow proteins without the cow – an udderly incredible invention!

Relaxing next to plant

Are your plants stressed out?

Barbie eyes

Barbie becomes a Difference Maker!

F1 car

Formula 1 drives towards sustainability

Overflowing beer in glass

Algae beer? Bottoms up!

Double decker bus

Don’t miss the bus!

Jungle scenery

Welcome to the jungle

Cow print

What’s the beef?


What’s next, flying cars? Well actually…

The 5 Olympic Rings

Olympics going for gold with inventive ways to recycle


Mr. World Jack Heslewood wants to make a difference

Close-up of a recycling logo on a bin

Bringing plastics back to life

Tennis racket and ball in shadow

Wimbledon serving aces with recycling on the go!


Aspirin – not just for a hangover!

Incredible people, unbelievable stories


We can all
change the world

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