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We’re getting a kick out of football kits made from recycled coffee…

08 September 2021, 4:04 PM


A football team is currently trialling a kit made from coffee bean waste and words cannot ‘espresso’ how much we love this!

FIFA has named the Forest Green Rovers the ‘world’s greenest’ club, after the team has been trying to identify more sustainable materials to use for sports kits. The majority of kits today use synthetic materials and plastic, so to tackle (ha) their use of plastic, the club has developed a kit that’s made from 35% recycled coffee grounds and 65% recycled polyester…brew-tiful!

The fashion industry alone emits 10% of all global carbon dioxide emissions per year, so this change is very needed, and it is better ‘latte’ than never (okay, okay, we’ll stop now).

Putting the kit through its paces, the coffee-based fabric has been a top performer in initial tests and has been found to be lighter, breathable and more durable than the club’s current kit which is made from bamboo.

If the trial turns out to be a success, the club hopes it will encourage more teams around the world to adopt more sustainable practices and clothing in sport. After all, it’s all about ‘bean’ there for the environment (we just had to!)

The club will sell prototypes of the kit, with all proceeds going to One Tree Planted charity, but that’s not all…

Along with its sustainable kits, the club is also powered by wind and solar energy and is the world’s first vegan football club – talk about scoring goals left, right and centre!

Taking it to the next level - that’s right, there’s more - what better way to raise the profile of sustainability in sport than to build a new stadium called Eco Park. The stadium will be made almost entirely from wood and will lie in parkland with around 500 trees and 1.8km of hedgerows to promote biodiversity, which supplies oxygen, clean air and water, pollination of plants and lots more green goodness.

In recent seasons, other clubs including Manchester United, Liverpool and Real Madrid have started making shirts made out of recycled bottles, and in some cases, from plastic found in oceans. So, the world of sport is definitely making waves to be more sustainable.  

We hope that the Forest Green Rovers start a trend, and other clubs follow in their sustainable footsteps.

Do you know of any teams or sports who are actively trying to be greener? Let us know over on our social channels…

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