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23 July 2021, 10:59 AM


To us, Difference Makers come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, it’s business owners making sustainable changes, inventors using their ingenuity to create things that reduce harm on the planet, but that’s not where being a Difference Maker ends. 

Being a Difference Maker is an attitude. It’s about thinking like a problem solver, whether that be through direct or indirect action. It’s having the desire in your heart to make a positive change in a beautiful world that’s under threat. 

Jack Heslewood is a man for all occasions. He’s the current Mr. World, though he’s not just a pretty face: the 30-year-old is also a whizz when it comes to aerospace engineering, and is a dab hand at the drums too. He believes strongly in the idea of engineering and tech being the route to get us out of the planetary rut we’re in. 

We caught up with him to talk inspiration, perspiration and sharing resources globally. 

Difference Makers: Hey Jack! What are you working on right now?

Jack Heslewood: Most importantly seeking partnerships with brands that can help me achieve my vision of solving global issues with technology, while promoting what I believe are the things we should value in the modern world such as empowerment and diversity.

What made you want to make your life and the things in it sustainable?

Because the world has lots more potential to fulfil in my opinion due to archaic systems and ways of thinking that are ripe for total transformation. From a young age I’ve been fascinated with designing and inventing new systems that can help humanity - and the planet we live on, and it’s this fascination that led me to study Engineering at University. I have a particular interest in aerodynamics and propulsion, as I have a vision for the future where we are all able to transport ourselves more efficiently around Earth - and eventually beyond!

What do you think it means to be a Difference Maker?

The courage to stand out from the crowd and lead by example. It encourages other individuals to follow their own beliefs, and to do so with conviction so that they too can become a difference maker.

Who’s a Difference Maker, either present day or historical, who you look up to?

Elon Musk is somebody I like to follow in the media. I like his attitude towards his visions for creating a better world, and that he does it all with a sense of responsibility.

What, in your view, is the most important issue affecting the world today, and what can do we do to help?

The most important issue, generally, is making sure all countries share their resources. One of the best ways we can help this cause is to educate ourselves in the areas we don’t yet understand fully, so that every day we can all make the small but necessary changes that we now know have a positive impact on the planet. The more we discover about our planet, the more we can do for it – it’s our responsibility.

What role do you think STEM has in changing the world for the better?

STEM helps with our most important scientific research, and can be used for solving some of the world’s biggest problems by inventing new methods and technologies. Without STEM we are without technology, and so the question to follow from this could be: what would happen to our world if we removed all technology?


As Jack says, sometimes being a difference maker means standing out and rising above the noise. What can you do, in your power, to help change the world?

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