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What we eat not only affects us, but it affects our world too!

25 November 2021, 4:19 PM


Food is one of the most powerful drivers behind our planet’s major environmental issues, whether it’s climate change or biodiversity loss. So, what we put in our bodies is really important!

Switching to a plant-based diet and avoiding meat (don’t go bacon my heart) and dairy products is one of the biggest ways to reduce your environmental impact and to help fight climate change. Changing your diet can make a big difference to your personal environmental footprint, from saving water to reducing pollution and the loss of forests.  

So, what can we be munching on then?

Well, this handy calculator can tell you whether a bowl of rice produces more greenhouse gases than a plate of chips, or whether wine is more environmentally friendly than beer. Pretty cool stuff. Why not find out the impact of what you eat and drink and see what small changes you can make to help our world today. Chip chip hooray!

Take some milk chocolate (don’t mind if I do!). If you have chocolate one to two times a week, over an entire year you’re contributing to 80kg of annual greenhouse gas emissions – that’s the same as heating the average UK home for 12 days!

It also depends on where your food and drink comes from. Chocolate and coffee that originate from deforested rainforests produce high greenhouse gases, but if you choose to shop locally rather than import – you’re removing a huge chunk of carbon from the problem (so you can justify another sustainably sourced chunk of choccie instead!)

What about if you had a cheese and wine night with your pals once a week? Sounds brie-lliant, right? Well, over the course of a year you would be contributing to 18,799 litres of water, which is the equivalent to 288 showers – each lasting eight minutes. Maybe cut those Come Dine With Me’s to once a month then!  

Researchers have found that meat and other animal products are responsible for more than half of food-related greenhouse gas emissions. And of all the products analysed in their study, beef and lamb were found to have by far the most damaging effect on the environment - that’s baaad news! Puns aside, this is serious stuff, and we’re thrilled to see tech solutions to the problem – like this simple calculator, to help show us all what our impact is in a really easy-to-understand way.

The packaging your food and drink produces is a huge part of the equation too. For example, beer drinkers may be interested to know that draught beer is responsible for fewer emissions than recyclable cans, or worse, glass bottles. Brewtiful!

We’re not telling you to give up the chocolate (phew!) but when it comes to our diets, if we can buy less meat, milk, cheese and butter – but also eat more locally sourced food - we could be doing the planet a big favour. You butter believe it!

So, what foodie favourites would or could you cut down on? Let us know over on our social channels and vote on the poll below 😊

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