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Think you know engineering and technology? Think again! Join us as we find the incredible people and projects which are changing our world and making it more sustainable in the process.

Bees on purple flower


Boosting bumblebee numbers using the power of solar

And quite frankly, we’re buzzing about it! 😉

Wind turbines in fields


On the way to Net Zero with Mark Goudie

A #DifferenceMaker Q&A

Clothes hanging up


Digital passports are coming for clothes – but they’re not needed for your holibobs!

A virtual log of their entire life since they were first sewn together

Relaxing next to plant


Are your plants stressed out?

Wearable patches for your plants can give you the 411

Man hanging off boat


Ocean waste that floats our boats!

From boats that turn waste into fuel, to boats literally made from recycled plastic – check out these nautical #DifferenceMakers!

Girl on phone with laptop


Who knew data could be so dirty?

The endless selfies, the scenic snaps and our favourite food porn pics are all part of our carbon footprint!

Warning: may blow your mind!

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The future of sustainable fashion{/page_relationship:image_file}

The food waste app that’s revolutionising the way we eat{/page_relationship:image_file}

Saving the ice caps, one bead at a time

Incredible people, unbelievable stories


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change the world

We are #DifferenceMakers, a ground-breaking movement inspiring us all to make a change, no matter how big or small, by sharing remarkable stories of how engineering and technology are saving the world around us. Expect the unexpected – from super sustainable fashion and squeaky clean streaming, to apps that combat food waste and
tech to stop the ice caps melting.

We’re changing the way everyone sees engineering and technology, and proving they're a force to be reckoned with when it comes to saving our planet! If you care about making a difference and want to learn more, then join our movement today.

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